Monday, December 12, 2011

Good-bye Napa, hello Arizona

We couldn't leave Napa Area without visiting a recommended Bakery in Yountville- so we grabbed some goodies for breakfast! Yountville is a cute little town.

The only pic I have of our campground in Napa.

From Napa we drove down thru the San Joaquin Valley, which was an interesting drive thru farming country. We wished there would have been signs at all the fields so we would have known what all was being grown.

We drove around the outskirts of LA and on to Palm Springs and spent the night there. The next day we met up with my parents for lunch and eventually got settled in at campground on Lake Pleasant (about 1/2 hour North of Phoenix). We stayed a week here. It was a beautiful spot, but we didn't want to be so far out of town for the whole winter.


nikelleelyse said...

ISN'T Yountville cute?! So cool you were there! Summer worked at the Bouchon Bakery you had a picture of! :) Small world! Have fun in AZ! Maybe you'll meet my g-pa at gospel meeting or something! I MISS YOU!

Kayla said...
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Kayla said...

what town is he in? sorry to hear he isn't feeling so well..