Monday, December 12, 2011

San Fran Pics - Day 2

We learned why it's called the 'Fog City' ...driving across the bridge into town was really mystical.

On the ferry to Alchatraz

Coming from a couple who doesn't care for museum's very much, we found this super enjoyable and would highly recommend the audio tour. I actually wanted more time and the kids were just soaking it in.

I like that you can see his reflection in the window - don't you love my high-tech photography? We've looked at camera's numerous times, but can't make up our minds, so the cell-phone camera is documenting our trip.

Overall, we loved this city - glad we made time for it. The fresh clam chowder in a bread bowl was pretty good too!

In case some of you were reading a prior post about the man who would frighten the tourists - Here's 'the rest of the story'.
On this 2nd day in town, we were walking back to our car and Brendan was in the lead. A man sitting on the sidewalk jumped out from behind his branches and caught Brendan off guard. He leapt in the air and all of us about killed ourselves laughing. So, yes, I ended up having to go back on my words and 'gave the man some money" for scaring people. How dumb, yet how funny. Maybe you had to be there.

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