Monday, December 12, 2011

Home Sweet Home - pro tem

My parents had been looking for a campground in the Phoenix area and we've done a fair amount of looking ourselves, but most everything is 55 and older -or doesn't accept children! So, being the FLEXIBLE people that we've become, we had to move on to plan B....

We started looking for rental homes and ended up getting a home on a golf course in Coyote Lakes Area in the city of Surprise. We're about 20 mins from my parents (not that far in miles, but there's a boat load of retired people down here and the traffic is bad!) Mom, if you're reading this, it's not that the retired people are bad drivers, it's just that's there's a lot of you! :)

The house is unfurnished, but thanks to my parents and the homeowners, we are pretty much set for furniture and accessories. It's amazing how much stuff we had in the camper and trailer too. It feels awesome to have more space, and the kids are excited to have the Wii hooked up. Now we can have company the next four months too!!!

We won't be able to save up like we had planned - and I'm going to have to curb the desire to buy for the house (how convenient it would be to buy new dishes now & acquire some new decor items!). Mom and I will just have to hit the estate sales!

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Little Miss Nobody said...

Love following your adventures! Wish I could be as spontaneous as you -- it looks like so much fun!