Tuesday, March 4, 2008


It was Brendan's month (Feb) to choose our 'family event'. We actually missed it by one day, and went to the local rec center on Mar 1st with the Loyek family & Amanda . We need to do this more often - the kids loved it - and they could use some more practice! Alec was Mr. Daredevil using the support - crutch thingy. Autumn managed to go on her own by the end, but did like the idea of padding her butt with something next time. It's her turn to choose the 'event' for March and I have a feeling we'll be back to the rec center!! My favorite part is the Dunn Brothers stop after the rink (kind of like going to the chalet while skiing). I do have some nostalgic feelings while on the ice tho' - have very good memories of skating at Bower Pond in Red Deer, AB while we were dating (one of these years I want to go back!). It was a romantic moment - when we actually held hands and skated together in the curvy, tree-lined pond to the music at dusk (somehow my lack of flowy words just doesn't create the pic I have in my head), but all I can say is that the chaotic rec center wasn't quite the same. However, I still did manage to steel a skate with my main squeeze!

My camera batteries died, so my picture selection isn't the best.

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Lani said...

Awww... you described it perfectly. Our romantic skates together always occurred in noisy, busy ice skating arenas with a bunch of people to bump into, so no magic skating moments for us that I can remember. Unless you count laughing at each other (mainly at me) when falling down as a magic moment.