Monday, May 5, 2008

A busy week

We had so much to do and see... I need a vacation from the vacation! We had fun going to our old stomping afternoon we went to Autumn's old school and visited with her Kindergarten teacher. Another day we went to her old classmates house for supper and got in on his baseball game that evening. We also had to get in a meal at our fav pizza restaurant, play at the old playground and drive by our old place. We got pretty sentimental about everything...."Oh, look, there's the old grocery store, the fruit farm, etc". Oh, 'twas fun to be back! The weather was incredible....every day was 75-85 degrees. Only thing I don't miss is the traffic. oh, and yes, we picked up our favorite cheesecake too. Funny how certain things become "our special" thing/place.

On Friday, Tim, Marty and mom joined up with us for the wkend. Wonderful to spend some time getting to know sweet, little Rowan. He warmed up to all of us - which was great, since we had such a short time! He has such a cute little smile, but I wasn't able to get a very good picture of it. He also has his own way of 'scooting''s half crawl, half scoot, and boy can he motor!

Supper out at the Melting Pot with Tim and Marty. A very fun evening!!! The meal took about 3 hours - was a great evening of food, chatting and catching up! Thanks for letting us crash your first date away from Rowan :)

Saturday in NYC.... (YAY! GREEN TREES & FLOWERS!)

We took the train into the city and walked up 5th Ave to the American Girl Doll Store (Autumn found her bday presents!). We all had a very successful stop at FAO Schwartz and then headed for a stroll thru Central Park and of, a little pizza joint, hot dog vendor, and mom and I found our FAVORITE fresh eclairs - it was well worth the walk to get them!

Sunday....after church, Victor and Pennie hosted a pot-luck for us (we miss you all), and then that evening we headed to the Harris's for supper. It was just like "old times"....we celebrated Alec, Autumn and Rowan's bday's!


Shelly Howe said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Now I want to go to NYC. I'm glad the weather cooperated ! Dave and I went to the Melting Pot in N.C. about 10 years ago ... and LOVED it. They are supposed to open one in Albany soon ... sooo guess where we're going next time your in the area ;)

Lani said...

Oh wow. You guys were busy, but it looks like so much fun. And may I just say... I love, love, love, the cute, cute, cute pink hat!!!