Monday, April 30, 2007

Wkend in New Hampshire

The weekend could be summed up by saying it was full of good friends and good food!
...and now I've got some serious good guilt.

It all started when Brendan & I drove up from NYC on Friday afternoon and stopped at Stamford, Conn. There was a cute 50's diner along the street lined with restaurants. People were eating old-fashioned malts & burgers outside and it was so appealing. I thought I showed some restraint, by skipping the malt, and just going for the meal, but looking back....I should have just gone for the gusto, as that's how the rest of the wkend went!

Friday night we went out for supper at the Mile Away for a 4-course meal.

Next stop, Saturday breakfast at the local joint in Milford. You'd have thought Brendan hadn't eaten in days.... wonder if he's recovered yet?

We headed for Portland, Maine where the guys went go-cart racing.

and MORE eating....
a stop in Kinnebunk, Maine at a little pastry/deli. is this may be a future town for us to get together at :)
We shopped some at the outlets and met up with Tim & Marty and headed for Portsmouth, NH for supper. I was glad to find clam chowder on the menu! (nope, not holding back now!)

After supper, we walked around downtown Portsmouth. We decided we need to come back here! It's a very quaint town with lots of shops & restaurants.

and we're definetly coming back to this bakery! (called 'Popovers'). WoW was this popover sundae awesome.

Tim & Marty
Aw, isn't she cute!?

Sunday after church.
We enjoyed the nice sunny afternoon, eating a grilled meal out on the deck!

From here we headed to Tim & Marty's for the evening and checked out their new house (so cozy) and had Tim's pizza & crepes and Marty opened her gifts. I forgot my camera at the Chappells, so I'll have to get some pictures from Marty.

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