Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Mom took Autumn and I to a cute tea shop in Carefree, AZ. We had a fun time trying to be fancy, even tho Autumn and I aren't quite the "fancy-nancy" type. A tea trip to Scotland wouldn't be turned down by us tho.
Speaking of Scotland, mom also took Autumn and I to a Robert Burns celebration - was fun for Autumn to get to see the Scottish Dancing and eat some traditional Scottish food and of course, listen to bagpipes!

Brendan and Alec have gotten a few golf games in together. Not as much as Brendan would like - poor guy has temptation staring him in the face EVERY day as he looks out over hole #9 from his office/bedroom window!

We spent a day in Scotsdale checking out that area and also took the kids to a Phoenix Coyote Hockey Game. Brendan and I have been enjoying running around our complex -- trying to at least keep a decent base of 20 miles in/wk.

Brendan & I went on a last minute wkend get-away to Vegas - stopped and checked out the Hoover Dam as well. We met up with some friends from Rochester for one night & part of the next day. I wasn't very impressed - guess it's neat to see, but once is enough for me. We found some really nice shopping away from the strip - so spent a good portion of one day away from the hustle and bustle.

The kids are doing great at school. We celebrated with a 50% party - they chose to go to Culvers with Grandma & Grandpa. They are looking forward to getting back into the regular public school system next year tho - they miss the socialization and we can totally understand that! They've been playing guitar quite a bit - so fun to hear them play & sing together (sometimes with Brendan & my dad as well!)

We bought a yoga DVD (physical exercise is lacking for our kids in AZ)and bought mats for our family. (guess I could mention, I could probably learn some yoga techniques to CHILL a bit...hard not to let my mind race with our uncertain lifestyle!) We've projected the dvd up on the wall and have spent a few nights doing yoga together. that's the good news for January....we're still living, working, and most of all PLAYING together quite well after being together 24X7 for 5 months.

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Anonymous said...

Love to hear what you all are doing. Glad we can picture some of the places you have been, and things that you have been busy with. We do miss all of you. It is wonderful your family can have this experience. Enjoy!!! Love from Maui, Jack and Carol