Friday, December 2, 2011

Logging some phy ed hours...

One evening we took the kids to the outdoor skating rink downtown Napa.

One afternoon we took the kids on a bike ride. There were some difficult areas and a lot of hills. Not sure if they'll take us up on our next off-road biking suggestion.

We went back another afternoon to the same park, but went on the steeper trails and hiked (where Brendan & I had ran on T-day). Unfortunately, I saw a sign posted at the entrance that said a mountain lion had recently been spotted in the area, so the kids and I weren't really into the hike. We sang songs to keep him away & kept asking when it was time to start going back down!

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wendy said...

napa valley is so beautiful! it's where i did my public health nursing when i was in college. glad you're having a great time. hurry back!