Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Eve & Day

We opened up the 'big' gift on Christmas Eve afternoon.....
The kids were just a wii bit excited !!

We headed out for the cities and spent X-mas eve night in a hotel. I brought the stockings along and layed them on the dresser beside the tv late that night. The next morning the kids immediately turned on the tv and didn't. even. notice. or think. about the stockings! ha. (That wasn't the way it was supposed to unfold in my 'perfect little pre-conceived christmas morning' picture in my mind.)

The next morning, we headed further north to Grandma's Nursing Home. We brought food in crock-pots and had dinner right in Grandma Irete's room.
Grandma requested blueberry pie, and here she is eating it with some of her meat (she saved it from the meal to eat with was cute!).
Brendan and I like to joke about our one 'marriage issue', and that's that I like dessert RIGHT after the meal, and he likes to wait (that's just plain wrong in my books!). Was very glad to see that grandma doesn't like to wait for dessert either! Must be where I got it from! There's so many qualities I'd like to have from her. It was a wonderful day spent with a wonderful person. Thanks, Gram!


Chloe said...

I love Alec's face in the 2nd pic....he's like "a box, dad?!" and I can picture Brendan animatedly explaining to him exactly the fun contained inside that box! :) Too cute!

TheLaydenCrew said...

Hey Autumn I have the same polka dot Kitty pajamas you have. Do you want to bring your's to Mexico so we can match? If you have any other clothes like me bring them too! love, your cousin tori