Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia

We spent the next week and a half at Brendan's parents place. This is a picture of the hot spring pools that are drained every night. The kids loved the diving boards.....Autumn went off the high-dive for the first time this year.

Alec, Kennedy, Autumn, Jackson & Thomas Layden

Chances are, if we're in Fairmont in the Summertime, then we'll see relatives or friends! Fun that Brendan's cousins were camping at the Fairmont Campground, so we met up with them a couple times.

Heather, Darryl, Larry & Lorraine Layden

Our FIRST TIME seeing Carson Wayne Layden ! He's such a cutie. Here he's having fun in the pool at the Riverside Condo Development.

....and we got to meet another new relative

Rhonda & Keely (Kate & Andrew's baby)

Yep, this would be a picture of my foot.

Story behind this is that one night I woke up hearing some noise outside our bedroom window (what particularly alarmed me was the heavy breathing/snorting noise). I woke up Brendan and he turned on the yard light to reveal a big ole black bear eating the garbage. I couldn't believe how big it was and I thought my heart was going to burst right out of my chest. I wanted to get a picture of it, but I have this problem where my brain totally spaces out when I get excited/nervous. Anyways, I was having one of *those moments* and I couldn't quite get my camera, (or brain) to work! so, no picture of the bear I watched for almost an hour. just my "Bear"foot.

Julie. Victoria. Madison. Autumn. Rhonda. Rhett. Ethan.

They decided to go out for a run/walk down the road.

Remember the bear? This is 2 days later. No thanks. You go ahead without me!

View of Colubmia Lake from Wayne & Carol's new addition.

Brendan & I took the kids golfing for their first time to a Par 3 Course. It went better than I expected - they did awesome. Great weather, great scenery.....Great Memory!

Only bad thing about this is.....
I think the golfing budget from here on out needs to increase. ugh.

Wayne & Carol & all the grandkids

One evening we took the boat out and had a picnic supper.

The next day the water was a skier's dream. So, we headed back out.

Rhonda cutting it up!

After a quick dip in the lake,

we rushed around getting packed up to head to Cochrane, Alberta for the rehearsal and the weekend.

Heidi (and her Bride tank-top) & Jason

Brides' were beautful

picture's just don't do justice

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