Thursday, December 28, 2006

Puerto Vallarta-Rancho Bandaras

We made spur-of-the-moment plans to join Brendan's parents and his Aunt & Uncle & their children at a timeshare resort in Mexico. It was a hoot (that's especially for you, Jason!). The kids had so much fun with their big cousins... they kept saying to us "you picked the right hotel this time" :)

What a way to start the early, early morning flight....Starbucks and Panera Bagels!
Wayne & Carol
Kate helping Alec boogie board

Autumn & I went looking for hermit crabs. We found some so then she had to look up on the internet to see what they ate. One night she put two slices of carrots in the bucket & the next morning the carrots were gone. We're still not sure if the one little itty bitty crab could have eaten both slices!??
Opening gifts from the Olson's & grandma & grandpa Layden. Notice the nice art-work! If one wakes up feeling rather fat one day, this picture might help make a person feel better! :)

!Mexican Fiesta! The kids got on stage & played musical chairs.

Troy & Tracy....some of Rhonda & Neil's friends from Alberta. Tracy & I spent time visiting while soaking up the rays in the lawn chairs!

The kids liked the pina coladas! for each hand

View of the living/dining room in the penthouse where most of the group stayed. It was nice. We introduced the game Farkel to the clan & played some Rook too.

THE OLSON FAMILY: Brent, Andrew & Kate, Laura & Ernie, Derek, JasonAutumn & the boys. She was spoiled. How fun to get to know them better!!!

I love this picture...Derek was our ring-bearer 11 years ago!

The crew having supper

On the plane home....only 28 people were flying from Puerto Vallarta to Houston on our x-mas flight out. What a surprise to run into an old friend at the Minneapolis airport baggage claim! Fun to see Cierra & her darling little Tazi from Seattle!

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Shelly said...

What fun ... we wish we could have been there too!

I've been thinking about last years New Years party. We loved ringing in 2006 with the gang (you guys, the Chappell's and the Jacob's).

We miss you and wish you all the best in 2007 ... and always.

Happy New Year.